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24 apr 2018


19:00 - 20:40


Biotechnology for protection against plantdiseases is not just genetic modification

[Talk will be in english] Disease resistance is inarguably the best technological approach to control diseases in plants since no management input is required by the grower once the resistant variety has been planted. The biggest problems in using disease resistance lie in the facts that effective sources of resistance are not available for many important diseases, especially those caused by necrotrophic pathogens, and that pathogen populations adapt to the utilisation of novel sources of resistance, most notably for air-borne biotrophic pathogens. Several biotechnological approaches have been developed to produce disease resistant plants, the most recent known as NBT – New Breeding Technologies.

This talk focuses on recent advances in those technologies which adapt the knowledge obtained using molecular genetic approaches for the study of plant-microbe interactions to plants disease to combat plant diseases.

Speaker: David B. Collinge, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

This event is part of Forskningens Døgn:

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