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17 apr 2018


19:00 - 20:30

Blockchain for commercial use: introduction to Hyperledger for CSR use

[In English] Please note change of location! If you have heard of blockchain, it has probably been in connection with bitcoin or other crypto-currencies or tokens. But blockchain is also an incredible technology for other uses.

Blockchain can be used to disclose or eliminate fraud in supply chains. This is why WWF (World Wide Fund) have invested blockchain for the purpose of fighting illegal fishery.

WWF departments in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand have initiated a pilot project with software developers ConsenSys and TraSeable. The idea is to use blockchain to follow tuna from they are caught to treatment, shipment to distributor to supplier and end user.

Retail giant Unilever have started a pilot project that will use blockchain to record and document transactions in the supply chain that is associated with the company’s tea-production. The pilot project is a cooperation between Unilever, British supermarket chain Sainsbury and packaging company Sappi together with three global banks: BNP Paribas, Barclays and Standard Chartered. Together with four tech startups they will develop a system that can track, trace and verify contracts for farmers in Malawi, supplying Unilever and Sainsbury with tea.

Coop Garage is now proposing to create a pilot project ending up in a proposal for a generic blockchain solution for use in CSR. IBM is technology partner. They have recently announced a a joint operation with Maersk in implementing a blockchain based system for tracking containers globally.

The proposed blockledger is Hyperledger. At this presentation, the differences between Hyperledger and the bitcoin blockledger will be explained including the reasons for Hyperledger being the match for commercial use.

Level: You probably know blockchain already and are interested on a technical level.
Takeaway: You will learn what advantages Hyperledger have when used commercially (faster block times, flexible data storage) and the generic differences between some blockchain types. You will get case stories and information on how smart contracts can be used. You will get some insight in actual programming. There will be time for questions.

Speaker: Jan B. Lillelund, IBM CTO, Executive Architect and technical leader in Enterprise IT innovation


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